"The All Is Mind; The Universe Is Mental." - The Kybalion

There is no such thing as the human Mind.  Let's get that out of the way right upfront.  The human being is said to be the Mind in the flesh.  God is an entity of intelligence, a Mind.  The Mind is All there is.  The Universe is the Mental creation of God, made from a Mental power that we call energy.  Our "physical" world is an energy matrix created and set by the Mind.  The Mind is All there really is.  The "physical" Universe is Mental perception created through the use of intellectual energy, it is controlled by its Master, the Mind.  Mind over Matter.  The Mind has entered its own Mental machination in a multitude of expressions and forms, the highest being a form known as Man, male and female.  Man/Woman is the Mind, in the flesh.  In other words, God in the flesh.  Every individual perception is actually the Mind plugged into the energy matrix at a particular point of reference experiencing life according to its will from that particular point of reference known as the body.  The Mind has the ability to command Universal energy and will situations, circumstances, and experiences into being, using its own infinite energy!  Man/Woman for the most part, has fallen into a deep sleep, with the  God within trapped in the limits and boundaries set by it, upon its own energy matrix.    We are living Matter over the Mind, rather than Mind over the Matter.  It is my mission to Wake The God in every Man and Woman.  Heaven on Earth is the conscious will of the Mind upon its energy.  Amen.  You must awaken and learn to consciously control the manifestation of your life.  You're manifesting now, but not consciously.  The Mind, in humanity as a whole, is under the power of its energy, rather than the energy being under the power of the Mind.  The Mind, for the most part is lying dormant in the characters of this energy matrix.  It is my mission to Wake The God!  Please join me by doing the necessary work to raise your consciousness from man/woman to the God within.  Amen.  Study my videos, read my books.  Get familiar with the authors that I recommend, both in their published works, audio and video presentations.  Put in the investment to awaken and take full conscious control of your power.  Wake The God!

Living the Dream is not another book about accumulating great material wealth and living a luxurious life by using knowledge of the fundamental law of attraction (simply put, you attract what you focus on). This book is written to awaken you to the fact that you’re dreaming now. Yes, you. Your life is a dream, an illusion in your mind, streaming across consciousness on autopilot without the power of individual direction from your point of observation. The pilot is asleep. Living the Dream is about finding your true being within the dream and deliberately, with knowledge and understanding, taking charge of and directing this mental process we call life. 

Taken seriously, the information in this book will deliver to you any and everything that you desire to have. Wealth, health, a loving mate, fame, peace of mind, whatever you desire will be yours. This information has been held guarded in Secret Orders and Secret Societies for thousands of years.  Ancient and controversial knowledge. This work reveals the secret of "The Secret", the foundation that supports the law of attraction. It also reveals the mental mechanism of manifesting the illusion of matter from thought, just as you are unconsciously doing right now. The book answers questions I've received from readers of my two previous books (Neophyte to AM and Maximum Meditation). The two previous books touched on perception and the mental nature of the Universe. This book is written to help readers sort out the implications of that information so that it can be truthfully applied going forward. Having answers does not mean that I want to be your Guru, hence the book title. I do want to help you, through my writing, to understand the process of having what you will. 


This course is about physically manifesting your dreams with mental ability alone. Students will learn how to visualize an outcome into "physical" manifestation. Purchase this course if you want to consciously take control of your life and manifest your dreams. 

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